• Design / Consulting
    We work with Architects, Designers, Contractors
    and Owners to create flooring finishes that meet
    specific performance, maintenance, sustainability,
    and budget requirements. Most of all we provide
    concrete floor finishes that are not just beautiful,
    but practical.
  • Estimating
    We use the latest software to perform the most
    accurate take-offs. We make the best use of all
    available resources to produce precise and
    competitive estimates. We address possible
    issues prior to submitting a proposal to prevent
    costly change orders. However, sophisticated
    take-offs and estimating programs are no
    replacement for years of experience that our
    established professional project managers and
    estimators have encompassed.
  • Installation
    Although, design and estimating are vital
    components to a project, the greatest asset
    to our company is the unsurpassed skill and
    knowledge that we posses with our highly
    trained in-house installation technicians.
    Since, we know that a timely completion is
    absolutely important, we are committed to
    finishing our projects on-time with a "zero"
    punchlist approach.
  • Quality Assurance
    With over 15 years of construction experience,
    a quality installation team and superior product
    manufacturers we produce concrete floor finishes
    and solutions that continue to exceed our customers
    expectations in every phase of a project. To meet
    the ever changing demands of the construction
    industry, we are consistently innovating and
    improving ourselves.